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The art of matching

08 October 2016

08 Sep’ 16

Inés Arroyo

The art of matching

Rabat - Inés Arroyo - The art of matching

Inés Arroyo is one of the most influential women in the Spanish fashion industry. She has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, she has very clear ideas about what she wants and expects to have consolidated her own brand of clothing within five years. Inés reveals to us her view of the industry, her concept of style and luxury, her favourite jewellery and her favourite song.
  • Rabat - Inés Arroyo - Style
  • Rabat - Inés Arroyo - Style
Rabat - Inés Arroyo - Detalle colgante

“Style: individualism mixed with charisma”

At the age of 22, she is quite clear that for her style is a combination of individuality and charisma. “The art of combining garments and styles without ever losing the essence of oneself, of knowing exactly how to dress for each occasion”, she tells us. Inés is the queen of difficult outfits; she combines colours and prints and plays with the garments.

“Fashion is something more than clothes”

For Inés, fashion is “the art of expressing one’s own personality through clothes”; but not only that, “You also have to understand and respect the industry as something more”. The delicacy she emanates in her photographs, the respect and passion Inés feels for this industry, which she is increasingly making her own, can be seen in her Instagram account.

For her, luxury is an experience that goes beyond the product. In her case, and as an example of her preferences, she tells us which is her favourite item of jewellery: “A Rabat ear cuff with black and white jewels”.

Rabat - Inés Arroyo - moda
  • A trip? Bali

  • A song? Mr.Jones – Counting Crows

  • A book? ‘m always a fan of the last books I’ve read… Right now it’s one by the French author Frédéric Beigbéder called Love Lasts Three Years

  • A website:

  • An Instagram account @pandorasykes

  • Your most recent surprise: a surprise farewell dinner my friends gave me, because I’m going to live in Madrid.

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