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Nina Urgell, Small great promise.

06 November 2016

Nina Urgell combines a passion for fashion and psychology. With more than half a million of followers, @ninauc shows off her lifestyle and her tastes via Instagram, stamping her own personal seal on each one of her photographs. Although fashion is one of her main sources of inspiration, gastronomy, art and photography, as well as other hobbies, set up a broad perspective representing her lifestyle, and through this she has managed to gain the loyalty of thousands of followers.

Nina Urgell | Reloj Baume & Mercier

The Petite Promesse is made of steel with bezel diamond-set and mother-of-pearl dial


The firm Baume & Mercier, presenting its latest watchmaking gem, Petite Promesse, is also part of this variety of concepts and ways of seeing the world. It is a good example of style and personality that, just like @ninauc, can surprise us in different ways. The collection comprises 3 watches with original, different coloured straps: orange, blue and steel that allow it to adapt to suit the woman’s personality or to become a perfect accessory for the ideal wardrobe throughout the day. On this occasion, the versatility and the fantasy of Petite Promesse design has served as an inspiration for Nina Urgell during the photo shoot at the Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona.

Nina Urgell | Reloj Baume & MercierNina Urgell con joyas RABAT

Petite Promesse, the latest creation of Baume & Mercier, is an example of style and personality.


The Baume & Mercier’s Petite Promesse conveys elegance and charm through the spontaneity and simplicity of its design.

The woman who wears the Petite Promesse is a confident leader with a disconcerting precision. At ease in her mind and body, she gets what she wants – gently, but firmly. This woman is spontaneous and straightforward, like her devoted companion watch that matches.


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How can one resist the harmony of its proportions, the playful combination of an oval and entwining circles which grants it such unique charm? With its 22 mm mini size and clean lines, the latest Promesse arrives on the scene as an icon of style.


Post-Nina-7Nina Urgell con joyas RABAT

Nina Urgell wearing Baume & Mercier watch and RABAT Jewels


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