RABAT Diamonds

Its color, purity, weight, cut, symmetry, and fluorescence make each diamond unique, give it life and transform it into a magical gem.

Discover together with RABAT what is the process to achieve the most rigorous selection of diamonds.

Fotografía al detalles de un Diamante

Unique diamonds for unique stories

RABAT puts at your disposal all the experience, endorsed by a long history in the selection and classification of precious stones, in order to immortalize your feelings and desires in a unique way in a sublime creation of handmade jewelry.

RABAT offers you to custom-create the perfect jewel from an excellent selection of diamonds made based on the strict criteria of the best and most rigorous international quality certificates.

How to choose the perfect diamond?

Diamonds are classified according to their physical characteristics following a criterion created by the American Gemological Institute known as the 4C's.

La talla de los diamantes (Cut)


Cut is the quality that defines the shape of a diamond. Each shape has infinite interpretations, and with them different ways of transmitting the magic of light.

Clasificación por color de los diamantes


An important part of a diamond's appraisal is determined by the absence of color. Diamonds with a lower quality color grade may appear slightly yellow.

A diamond will be more rare, when it is closer to being "colorless".

Each of our diamonds is measured using the GIA color scale.

Grado de pureza de un diamante


The purity of a diamond refers to the evaluation of the small imperfections present in each diamond.

GIA considers that a stone is perfect when it does not present external or internal impurities.

Peso o quilataje de los diamantes


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat (Ct.) is equal to 0.2 grams.

Criterios en la selección de los diamantes

Ethical commitment to the origin of diamonds

All RABAT diamonds are acquired through the Kimberley Processes (KPCS), an international certification that guarantees the marketing of diamonds of legal and ethical origin.

In addition, our diamonds are certified by the American Gemological Institute (GIA) which subjects diamonds to a demanding and exhaustive evaluation to determine their classification through the 4C's criteria and all their individual characteristics.

Criterios en la selección de los diamantes

¿What is the GIA certification?

GIA is the most internationally recognized gemological institute. He has been working since 1931 in education and research on gemstones. It is the institution responsible for creating international standards for the classification of diamonds as the criteria of the 4C's: Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut.

The GIA subjects diamonds to a rigorous and exhaustive evaluation to determine their classification, making the GIA certification the most reputable in the world.

Anillos elaborados con diamantes fancy de color amarillo

Fancy Diamonds

Fancy diamonds are characterized by incomparable light and beauty. With a warm and imaginative color, they become jewels with a unique style worthy of a star, to make a difference.

These gemstones are extraordinary for being considered one of a kind. The most valued are those that present the purest and strongest yellow on the front face.