Choose your own colors combination with our amazing charms in gold and silver with diamonds. Little custom details to complete your look.

Amuletto Collection

Skull Charm Bracelet
Moon silver charm bracelet
Moon rose gold charm bracelet
Crown silver charm bracelet
Crown rose gold charm bracelet
Snowflake silver charm bracelet
Snowflake silver charm bracelet
Butterfly silver charm bracelet
Key rose gold charm bracelet
Boy Charm Bracelet
Girl Charm Bracelet
David's Star rose gold charm bracelet
David's Star silver charm bracelet
Skull rose gold charm bracelet
Love rose gold charm bracelet
Heart charm bracelet in silver

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Pendientes aros personalizables RABAT - Colección 2019

Customized Hoops

Make your own unlimited designs in gold and diamonds. Design an unique look with our hoops in yellow, rose and white gold in 18 kts. Three hoops sizes to add the charm you like the most and get a customized, original, unique and different jewel only for you!

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ABC Collection

Letter in Rose Gold Bracelet
Letter S bracelet
Letter R bracelet
Letter P bracelet
Letter O bracelet
Letter N bracelet
Letter M bracelet
Letter L bracelet
Letter K bracelet
Letter J bracelet
Letter T bracelet
Letter V bracelet
Letter X bracelet
Letter N pave setting

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Numbers Collection

Number ¨3¨ Charm Bracelet
Number 8 bracelet
Number 7 bracelet
Number 5 bracelet
Number 4 bracelet
Number 2 bracelet
Number 1 bracelet
Number 0 bracelet
Number ¨9¨ Charm Bracelet
Number ¨6¨ Charm Bracelet
Number 10 bracelet

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Amuletto Diamonds Collection

Cross diamonds charm bracelet
Heart diamonds charm bracelet
Peace diamonds charm bracelet
Girl diamonds charm bracelet
Star diamonds charm bracelet
Cross diamonds charm bracelet
Key diamonds charm bracelet

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