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Memories of a Journey

The moments of summer give way to the new beginnings of autumn. RABAT presents a selection of jewellery inspired by the brightness of new opportunities. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that will bring out the most personal style in line with the latest jewellery trends. Discover pieces in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold that highlight the natural beauty of each woman and each precious stone. This season's RABAT jewellery is evidence of the excellence of craftsmanship, reflected in the treatment of each sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond.


Diamonds rings

These are diamond rings combined in different golds: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold with a common protagonist: diamonds. Timeless brilliance for this dreamy autumn.
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Three Wishes Collection

The timeless collection par excellence will be the main role of the new wishes for this autumn. The values of legacy, family and shared moments are projected in the light of each diamond, the protagonist of the pieces of this RABAT icon.
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Gold Essentials Collection

Jewellery trends in rose gold and yellow gold treasure the last rays of summer to fill the day-to-day looks of this new season with light.
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Colección RABAT Rainbow en Joyería RABAT
Rainbow Collection

The jewellery in the iconic RABAT Rainbow collection is a jewellery representation of the beauty of the rainbow. An element with a unique sense of infinity, reflected in each multicoloured sapphire that makes up every ring, earring, necklace and bracelet in this collection. This autumn combines the colours of nature.