Swiss watch Manufacture Roger Dubuis is governed by an audacious mindset that drives innovation while cultivating profound respect for traditions.

Brand's history
Roger Dubuis

About Roger Dubuis

Since its founding in 1995, the Maison has consistently pushed technical boundaries and shown an unswerving commitment to boldly go where no other watchmakers have gone before.

Roger Dubuis timepieces bear the unmistakable imprint of an effervescent and passionate approach to design that supersedes constraints and conventions. Materials, shapes, colours and components are the golden threads masterfully woven into a vivid tapestry of exhilarating, avant-garde designs.

Roger Dubuis manufacture is rolling out sophisticated horological accomplishments which call for outstanding production facilities. Cutting-edge technologies meet time-honored craftsmanship in a full-fledged Manufacture covering the entire range of skills required to create extraordinary expressions of comprehensive expertise.

Roger Dubuis calibres cover the entire spectrum of horological complexity, offering a stunning range of additional functions, often combined in innovative ways. The absolute technical mastery achieved by the swiss watch Manufacture in this domain gives it exceptional freedom to offer new and ever more refined variations on the infinite theme of time measurement. Its dedicated department constantly pushes the limits of existing watchmaking knowledge so as to present state-of-the-art developments based on frequently unprecedented technical advancements such as the innovative use and combinations of materials including silicon or diamond-set rubber.

Company's info

  • Foundation year: 1995
  • Founders: Roger Dubuis y Carlos Dias
  • Original venue: Ginebra, Suiza
  • Brand's site:

Roger Dubuis Excalibur

Powerful aesthetic and exceptional mechanism. Embodying a forceful expression of style and watchmaking mastery, the deliberately extravagant Excalibur timepiece collection is pushing the boundaries of the Haute Horlogerie.

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Roger Dubuis Velvet

Glamorous design and exquisite mechanism. Contemporary and seductive, the Velvet collection owns exceptional charisma and cultivates the art of the extravagant.

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