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Discover with RABAT the process for achieving the most rigorous diamond selection. Aspects such as color, purity, weight, cut, symmetry, and fluorescence make each diamond unique, transforming it into a magical gemstone.
These are unique diamonds for unique stories. RABAT puts at your disposal all its experience, backed by a long history in the selection and classification of precious stones, in order to immortalize your feelings and desires in a unique creation of artisanal jewelry.
RABAT offers you the opportunity to create the perfect jewel tailored to your needs from an excellent selection of diamonds based on the strict criteria of the best and most rigorous international quality certificates.

Diamond cut

This quality defines the shape of a diamond, based on angles and proportions. Each shape has infinite interpretations, and with them, different ways of conveying the magic of light, creating brilliance or sparkle effects. The strength with which the diamond shines determines the excellence of this characteristic. Our craftsmen pay special attention to achieving the appropriate proportion to achieve the necessary excellence.

Diamond color

Contrary to popular belief, the absence of color in a diamond determines a significant part of its value. A diamond will be more exceptional when it is closer to being "colorless". The possible exception is Fancy colored diamonds, which naturally present a pronounced color such as yellow, blue, or pink. RABAT is also an expert in diamonds with color.

Clarity or Purity

The imperfections inside and on the surface of a gem define the purity of a diamond, forming part of its evaluation. GIA considers a stone to be perfect when it has no external or internal impurities. Internal impurities occur when foreign materials become trapped inside the diamond as it grows, while external impurities are caused by wear and tear such as abrasions or scratches.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Abbreviated as "ct.", one carat equals 0.2 grams. However, the weight of the diamond does not determine its size. Similarly, it does not establish the quality of the gemstone by itself, as it is the combination of the 4Cs that determine its excellence.
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What is the GIA Certification?

It is the certification issued by the GIA, the most internationally recognised gemmological institute, which has been involved in gemstone education and research since 1931.
This institution is responsible for creating international standards for the classification of diamonds with the criteria Carat (Weight), Clarity (Clarity), Colour and Cut (Cut), known as the 4Cs. However, other characteristics included in this certification are symmetry or fluorescence. The former impacts the beauty of the diamond, being able to reflect and refract light. However, intense fluorescence diminishes the diamond's value.
Because of its demanding and thorough evaluation to determine diamond grading, the GIA certification is the most reputable in the world. As such, RABAT diamonds are selected according to the most rigorous standards of this certification.

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Ethical Commitment

TAll RABAT diamonds are acquired through the Kimberley Processes (KPCS), an international certification that guarantees the marketing of diamonds of legal and ethical origin. Each RABAT diamond is carefully selected by our experts under their watchful eye.
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Unique jewellery by combining diamond shapes

RABAT's craftsmen create unique jewellery from the combination of diamond shapes, creating the ultimate expression of your desires and emotions.