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Jewles FRED at RABAT Jewelry - Distribuidor Oficial

Fred Jewels

Discover the collection of jewelry that celebrates Mediterranean life through its bracelets and rings, and the love with iconic symbols like the heart. A FRED jewel is a wink of happiness which illuminates the small and bigs moments of life.

Force 10 Collection

The Force 10 Collection offers versatility as it can be worn in different ways every day according to one's preferences. Its unisex aesthetic is both timeless and modern due to its interchangeability, adapting to each personality. Fred marked its place in the history of jewelry by bringing together a braided steel sailing cable and a gold buckle, two materials that previously seemed to be polar opposites.
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Versatility and audacity

CWith a striking avant-garde vision, this bracelet has inspired a relaxed and elegant collection that offers endless possibilities for men and women through bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, with or without diamonds. To the original creative boldness, versatility and an energetic spectrum of optimistic colors were added.
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